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Topical vs Transdermal

Where topicals are only absorbed into the epidermis (which means “outside the dermis”), a transdermal uses solvents and special formulations to help cannabinoids cross into the dermis and enter the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, cannabinoids are circulated throughout the body and will activate CB receptors in the brain, nervous system and immune cells throughout the body.

Transdermals are usually patches (similar to nicotine patches cigarette smokers may be familiar with). The patch contains a jelly or cream infused with a given chemical (in this case, THC) which is absorbed over time through the skin.

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Our Pain Relief Roll On is specially formulated to help relieve muscle tension,  joint pain and soreness.

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Our Pain Salve is an effective, natural way to relieve sore muscles , aches and pains.

lip moisturizer


Our whole plant lip moisturizer offers natural ingredients to maintain the best lip care.

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Victoria - El Cerrito, CA

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"Over the past few years I have had a lot of pain in my hands.  It has become progressively worse. I had always heard about the benefits of cannabis topical products but had never tried it. A colleague of mine told me about Nan's and gave me a bottle. It genuinely helped! The pain in my hands subsided right away.  I'm so happy to have found a solution to an issue that has caused me so much pain. So happy to have found Nan's Pain Relief Oil!"

"I am so impressed with how fast these products take affect. I use the Nan's Pain Relief roll-on on my neck and hands. It gives me instant relief that last for days.  The pain salve I use on my feet for neuropathy.  I sleep through the night and walk with ease during the day. I literally cannot do without it before bed. Nan's is my go to for long drives and long walks. Thank you!"

"I've had burning and aching in my hands for two years. Once I started using Nan's roll on, I felt immediate relief!  Thank you Nan!"

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